Partnering with LANICOM

LANICOM, LLC develop seeks to develop win-win relationships with potential technology partners that can best serve our clients. While it is our goal to maintain vendor independence, it is essential that we research all possible avenues that will better our position in the marketplace. We believe that our success in delivering high quality services depends on our interdependence with companies or individuals who are willing to commit resource contributions to offer value-added products and services to our clients.

Partnering with LaniCom

LANICOM Partner Programs

Our business model offers a variety of technology services in which we seek help from outside organizations or individuals in the following areas. Below are several examples of how your organization or talent can assist both us and you.

Commercial Sales Partner

We are seeking organizations or individuals nationwide who can further our sales and marketing strategies. This can mean increased revenue for your technology organization by offering additional services that LANICOM, LLC and deliver to create a more one-stop shop model. Reselling our discounted services can create a more loyal client base without incurring any changes to your existing organization. Additionally, referral fees can and will be paid to companies or individuals who promote our business.

Commercial Technology Partner

We are seeking relationships with companies nationwide who have personnel resources and facilities to further deliver suitable solutions to our existing client base. Additionally, trustworthy, skilled individuals who have suitable skill sets can expand LANICOM, LLC resources one a project by project basis.

Residential & LANICOM Security Partner

We are seeking win-win relationships with architects, general contractors, & builders in mid-western Ohio to expand their position in the marketplace in the home technologies and security market. Our smart house technologies and add tremendous value to home owners who want a lifestyle-enabled home. Referral fees can and will be paid to companies or individuals who promote services such as these.


LANICOM.NET seeks to develop strategic relationships with marketing consultants, graphics design companies, and individuals who develop web sites or design graphics. With a diversity of resources, we can offer our clients an excellent creative approach to their online business needs. Additionally, LANICOM.NET can offer discounted and custom hosting solutions to developers who want more control than they can get from other hosting companies.

Manufacturer and Vendor Partners

LANICOM, LLC seeks win-win relationships with vendors or manufacturers who offer the best service, price, and high quality products to serve our customer base. Our policy is to take care of those who take care of us. Our research and lab testing is a must for any prospective technology solution.

  • Cisco Systems - Cisco is the leading supplier of inter-networking solutions for corporate Intranets and the global internet - manufactures routers, LAN and ATM switches, dial up access servers, and network management software. Cisco's hardware and software products link computers, giving people access to information regardless of differences in time, location or type of computer system.

    LANICOM, LLC has industry experience in the, design, and support of Cisco networking solutions. Because of the training and experience standard demanded by Cisco, we can serve you effectively at every stage of your network's development from design, installation and configuration, to performance testing and enhancement as your system grows. LANICOM also maintains a high level of product knowledge and technical expertise, with Cisco network solutions. Specific services include standard installation, Cisco product sales, and configuration. LANICOM is ready to support you and your business, every day. 
  • Dell
  • Liebert
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Microsoft - Microsoft has seven core business units that offer software and solutions to serve our customers in the coming decade. They include:
    • Servers & Server Applications, including Windows Server 2016 & 2019, Exchange Server, SQL Server, RD Server, Terminal Server, and many others.
    • Windows Client Software, including the Windows® 10 desktop operating system(s).
    • Desktop Software, including Office 2016 & 2019, Publisher, Visio®, Project, and other stand-alone desktop applications.
    • Business Solutions, encompassing Dymanics business process applications, Small Business Accounting, and bCentral™ business services.
    LANICOM, LLC is committed to the long term mission of helping our customers realize the full potential of Microsoft Software.  We rely on Microsoft to constantly update and improve their products, so that we can continually evolve our company to be in the best position to accelerate new Microsoft technologies as they emerge onto the marketplace.

Home Automation Partners

  • Cartell
  • HAI - HAI is a leading supplier of full service home automation and home security systems.  Their innovative designs are among the newest of technologies.  These systems offer a phenomenal amount of expandability that will cover any needs that you may encounter.  A few of the features offered are complete security systems, lighting control, HVAC control, whole-house audio systems, and even the capability for customized programming.  These systems also integrate with surveillance systems, computers, and even internet management of your system.  All this from one amazing box!! 
  • Groov Audio
  • Honeywell

For any partnering interest in LANICOM, please call Trent Boone at 937-335-0202 x102

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